FRAMING OFFERS: Custom Framing and Packages

Frames are used to protect, aid in hanging or displaying, and provide a finished appearance to a piece of artwork. Frames should be used to enhance the artwork, not overwhelm it. I don’t use glass for oil paintings, as oils need to breath. I don’t frame pastels, as they do need glass to protect them, and shipping glass is difficult.

I recommend custom framing, because they have more options and are a better quality product, but if you want a complete framing package which is very reasonable, I offer that as well. I offer framing as a courtesy to clients, and don’t mark-up prices. For custom, I take the portrait to my framer, and take photos of different options for the client to choose from.(see below for examples.) For stock, I email you pics of various styles, and order them online, so it adds to the final delivery time.

Custom Framing Available (for Oils only)

Let me know your style preferences, and I will find you the perfect frame.

Prices vary according to size, style, and extras like fillets or liners. But it usually starts around $90.00, and can up to $400.00 or more. Includes hanging hardware and dust cover. Commission is priced separately.

(Note: This might add to shipping cost, due to the increased size and weight of a frame. Not available for pastels, as shipping glass, if broken in transit, could ruin the art.)

Stock Framing (for Oils only)

Includes hanging hardware and dust cover. Stock frames only, but many styles available. Prices are just the cost, and start at $25.00 in addition to commission price.

(Stock frames are also called “off-the-shelf”, and not as high quality as custom made, of course. Custom framing is preferable, but can be expensive, which is why I offer this option.)

Not available for pastels, as shipping glass, if broken in transit, could ruin the art.

Memorial Package

Includes stock frame, and engraved brass plate. Priced according to frame chosen, in a limited selection. The brass plates come in gold brass, or black brass, rectangular, or notched. You specify inscription for plate.





Example of brass plate:

Examples of framing options shown to client, and the final frame: (This one had a fillet and linen liner.)

This shows the different parts in one framing job. They are all separate pieces, and you can have a frame and fillet, frame and liner, all 3, or just the frame. Each additional component adds to the price. This is for custom only. Some stock frames duplicate this look.

To download DIY Framing Tips on Pastels and Prints, click Pastel & Print Framing Tips

To download DIY Framing Tips on Oil Paintings, click Framing Tips

For YouTube video on the subject, click here.

(Once instructions are opened, you can right click, or control+click to open as a PDF.)

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