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(Others avail.)Prices: (Base Price*)Prices: (Base Price*)Prices: (Base Price*)
**SMALL SIZES: Suitable for head and shoulders, or small pets. (one pet or person only)
8″ x 10” *$475.00$400.00$300.00
9″ x 12″ *$550.00$450.00$350.00
**MEDIUM SIZES: Suitable for life-size heads of larger pets; whole body of one pet, or 2 partial view bodies.
11″ x 14″ *$625.00$525.00$375.00
12″ x 16″$675.00$550.00$450.00
14″ x 18″$750.00$625.00$500.00
**LARGE SIZES: Suitable for large pets, multiple pets, and scenic backgrounds.
16″ x 20” *$900.00$700.00$600.00
18″ x 24″ *$975.00$775.00$675.00
20″ x 24″$1,200.00$825.00N/A
22″ x 28″$1,500.00$900.00N/A
24″ x 36″$2,000.00$1,000.00N/A
* Premium Oil on Panel is on archival wood panel, which has a smooth surface, allowing for finer detail. It is what the Mona Lisa and many Renaissance artworks were painted on. It takes more painted layers to achieve the finished portrait, and the panel costs more than canvas, so the pricing reflects that.

Example of Oil on Panel:
Notice the smooth surface, and the fine fur detail.
This is an 8″ x 10″ panel.

Example of Oil on Canvas:
Notice the textured surface.
This is an 9″ x 12″ canvas.


**Sizing ranges are guidelines only for a good minimum; the photo used might be better in a different size than suggested, and larger sizes are always welcome. Traditionally, portraits of faces are about life-size. If too small, the impact is lost.

*(Common stock frames are more available in these dimensions: 8 x 10, 9 x 12, 11 x 14, 16 x 20, 18 x 24 and 24 x 36.)

*Base Prices are for one pet’s head and shoulders on tonal background; additional charges for the whole body, more subjects (pets or people) or scenic backgrounds may apply, depending on how complex. Terms, Shipping, Materials below.

PAYMENT METHODS: Cash, Checks, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover Cards via PayPal Logo .
Invoices will be sent once contract is signed, one for a 50% deposit, and one later for balance. Balance is due upon approval; prior to shipping.

Gallery wrap canvas available, 1-3/8″ Depth, with portrait painted on all sides as well. 5% surcharge added for cost of canvas, and extra time.

OTHER SIZES: Additional sizes are available; contact for quote.

OTHER MEDIUMS: Additional mediums, such as charcoal, or graphite pencil, are available for less cost; contact for quote.

SHIPPING: The price depends on the weight, distance, and method. All portraits are carefully wrapped for shipping, and insured.

TERMS: 50% Deposit due before work on portrait begins; the balance is due when the portrait is complete, and before shipping.

CANCELLATIONS:  If the order is cancelled before any work has started, the deposit will be returned. If it is cancelled after work commences, the deposit will be kept. If the order is cancelled before work is complete, the client will be charged for amount of work completed. On finished work: I will attempt to make any reasonable changes or alterations to the clients’ satisfaction, but if the client is still not satisfied, there is a cancellation fee to cover materials and time. The portrait must also be returned. This has never happened, but is a standard term.


product-giftcert2Gift Certificates are available for oil and pastel portraits, and are beautifully printed on parchment paper. Included in the package are an envelope with gold seal, a printed brochure and sample card with either an oil or pastel example, depending on your order. They are for the face value of the portrait size and medium you select. Just call Leah at 626-644-8081, or email to order! Prices are listed above.

These are great if you don’t have a good photograph of the recipient’s pet or family member, or you aren’t sure how they might want the portrait done. They have control over exactly what they want.

These packages are mailed, and have a 2 year expiration date. If the certificate isn’t used within 2 years, the former value will be applied to a new commission.

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