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Custom Framing Available (for Oils only)

Let me know your style preferences, and I will find you the perfect frame.

Prices vary according to size, style, and extras like fillets or liners. But it usually starts around $90.00, and can up to $400.00 or more. Includes hanging hardware and dust cover. Commission is priced separately.

(Note: This might add to shipping cost, due to the increased size and weight of a frame. Not available for pastels, as shipping glass, if broken in transit, could ruin the art.)

Stock Framing (for Oils only)

Includes hanging hardware and dust cover. Stock frames only, but many styles available. Prices are just the cost, and start at $25.00 in addition to commission price.

(Stock frames are also called “off-the-shelf”, and not as high quality as custom made, of course. Custom framing is preferable, but can be expensive, which is why I offer this option.)

Not available for pastels, as shipping glass, if broken in transit, could ruin the art.

Memorial Package

Includes stock frame, and engraved brass plate. Priced according to frame chosen, in a limited selection. The brass plates come in gold brass, or black brass, rectangular, or notched. You specify inscription for plate.

brass-plate2Example of brass plate:

Gift Certificates Available

These make a great present for any pet lover, as they can choose how they want the portrait done, which photo to use, and in their time frame. These are snail-mailed, as they are on parchment, and include envelope, brochure and sample of work. Prices are listed above. (PDF certificate can be requested, but the package makes a nicer gift to open.)

Gallery Wrap Canvas

Canvas has a 1-3/8″ depth, with the portrait painted on all sides as well. 5% surcharge added for the extra cost of canvas, and the extra time involved.

But there is no need for a frame with this style, and can look more contemporary.


MATERIALS FOR OILS: The standard materials used are Premier Traditional canvas with 7/8” stretcher bars, or Fredrix Portrait Smoothcanvas, and high quality Winsor and Newton oil paints.

PASTELS: “Rembrandt” soft pastels are used. These are excellent quality, with good colorfastness. Archival pastel paper or sanded pastel papers are used. (Pastel drawings can last for centuries, if properly cared for.)

The wood panels are archival hardwood panels by Ampersand, and are good for fine detail and texture, as they have a smooth surface. Panels were frequently used in the Renaissance period, The Mona Lisa being a prime example.

  Example of portrait on wood panel. (Image cropped)

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