Some examples are done by myself as part of my framing package, some I had custom framed for clients, and some were custom framed ones commissioned by clients. Custom framing is better quality, and there are so many more options, but I offer the stock framing package as a courtesy for clients who don’t want custom. It is also great for gifts, as they come ready to hang, and look more finished than an unframed portrait. Traditional art looks better framed, and can look “incomplete” without a frame. A quality frame is like a quality suit – it really enhances the whole effect!

9×12″ Stock framing package with brass nameplate.
This was a gift from a brother to his sister of Piper,
and made a great surprise.

16×20″ Custom frame, which I had done for my client.
The dark fillet sets the dogs apart from the frame,
and the linen liner compliments their colors.
(The frame is actually an espresso color, not black.)

14×18″ Custom frame by my framer.
It is a nice, simple frame that doesn’t detract attention from Carmen.

11×14″ Stock framing package.
This was a gift certificate from a family
to their patriarch.

11×14″ Stock framing package.
This was a gift from a wife to her husband,
and a great memento of 19 years with Tasker.

16×20″ Custom frame by my framer.
It compliments Schatzie’s colors, and the black liner separates
the bright background from the wood tone body of the frame.

9×12″ Hand-made Custom frame. This was a gift from a dad to his daughter, and he created the frame himself.
The beaded fillet reflects the tag detail,
and the gold compliments the coloring.

These are the happy recipients of the gift,
along with the subject, Pasha!

16×24″ Client’s custom frame with linen liner.
This rustic frame suits the natural background
shown in the painting of Grace.

14×18″ Clietn’s custom frame with linen liner. The liner sets apart the frame from the portrait, and compliments Oliver’s lighter colors.


12×16″ Custom frame by my framer.
The frame matches JJ’s fur perfectly!
The style I call “Country Club Traditional.”
Very elegant.

20×24″ Custom frame by my framer.
The ornate carving compliments the waviness
of Gojira’s fur.

22×28″ Custom frame with liner and gold fillet.
The carved wood moulding picks up on the ripples on the water,
and the dark wood tone compliments the skin tones.
The linen liner picks up the shirt color, and adds breathing room.

Custom Frames by Merge Frame Shop.

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